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Happy girl

We are thrilled that the trustees of the St. James's Place Charitable Foundation have chosen to support our work with a grant worth £10,000 over the next two years, to help with the running costs of our information and helpline service. 

Each year more than 2,500 families contact our bowel and bladder helpline by telephone and email, for one-to-one support. More than 260,000 families access the information resources on our website. Our service is aimed at increasing knowledge about what causes continence conditions, how to manage them and how education settings such as schools and nurseries can support families whose children are affected. 

More than 10% of families that contact our helpline are caring for children with complex or additional needs. Our expert advisors are trained to offer support on a range of issues including learning and physical disabilities, and autism. 

Juliette Rayner, ERIC’s Chief Executive said “It is common for children with any single, or combination, of complex or additional needs to experience problems learning to use the toilet or with the function of their bladder and bowels. But with access to the right information and support, many of these children can achieve the important developmental milestone of being able to use the toilet and be able to manage their bowel or bladder condition. We believe every child has the right to be helped to achieve their best possible level of continence and to maintain their dignity”.

We are enormously grateful to the trustees of the St. James's Place Foundation for supporting our work and enabling us to reach out to even more parents and carers of children with bowel and bladder problems. 

St. James