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The ERIC Nurse, Brenda Cheer will present the ERIC Nurse Project poster at the International School Nurses Conference taking place in Greenwich, London from 29-31 July 2015.

The conference focuses on the health and wellbeing of school aged children. With continence problems affecting one in 12 school age children and young people in the UK, this is a health issue at the forefront of school nurses’ minds and which takes up a large portion of their workload. The conference is therefore the perfect opportunity to showcase the project.

The ERIC Nurse Project seeks to improve general awareness of children’s bladder and bowel health, and by doing so increase early recognition of bladder and bowel problems. It also aims to increase awareness of self-help measures among those affected by children’s continence conditions.

The pilot project, funded by the Department of Health and taking place in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, is already in its second year of three. In this short time, the ERIC Nurse, Brenda Cheer, has trained over 500 people from a range of professions including school nurses, nursery nurses, health visitors, learning disability nurses, and childminders. This is this first time a project has sought to train such a wide range of professionals in children’s continence issues.

It is hoped that by demonstrating the importance and value in training professionals from various backgrounds to better understand children’s bladder and bowel problems, the project will lead to improved practice and resourcing for continence services across the rest of the UK.

In addition to the training that Brenda conducts with her unique enthusiasm and passion for the subject, she has also written two leaflets about children’s bladder and bowel difficulties, which complement ERIC’s range of guides to children’s continence conditions.

The leaflets help parents and professionals know how to avoid a wetting or soiling problem, recognise the early signs of a possible problem, and know where to go for further help and information.

The leaflets ‘Thinking about wee and poo now you’ve reached the age of two’ and ‘Thinking about wee and poo now you’re on your way to school’ can be downloaded from the resources page, as well as ERIC’s guides including ‘ERIC’s Guide to Children’s Bowel Problems’, ‘ERIC’s Guide to Night Time Wetting’ and the soon-to-be released ‘ERIC’s Guide to Daytime Wetting.’

The ERIC Nurse Project was shortlisted for a Nursing Times Award in 2014.