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Call our helpline 0845 370 8008Since April of this year, we’ve received just over £650 in donations given by people who’ve used our bowel and bladder helpline service either via phone or email. Sharron, one of our expert advisors, says: “We rely greatly on the generosity of our donors and volunteer fundraisers to make sure our helpline service can keep operating. I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated and appeal to those who contact us in the future to consider making a donation. Every penny counts!”

The impact of the helpline 

An average length call to our helpline means we must raise £25 to cover expenses and call charges. In today's difficult financial climate, we're more dependent on individual donations than ever to keep our helpline open.

From October 2016 to September 2017, our helpline was contacted more than 2,600 times. 82% of parents feel they have a positive strategy in place to deal with the problem after using our service and 96% of callers who gave feedback said they would recommend the helpline to a friend. Here’s some feedback from a health professional who contacted the service last month:

I had run out of ideas/suggestions for a particular family, and wanted to be sure I wasn’t missing anything. I was reassured that there was nothing else that could be suggested, but additional information for support for the parents. 

And from a parent: 

It was nice to be able to tell that someone had really read my email and understood the problems my child was having and that it wasn’t just a generic reply with general information. I was getting really stressed about the issues my little boy was having and feel that I can deal with them better now. 

Keep our helpline open and make a donation today.

If you’d like to find out more about how to fundraise for us, contact our Fundraising Officer, Anna Henry, [email protected] or tel: 0117 302 2103.