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A new guidance document for the provision of continence products for children and young people (CYP) with bladder and bowel problems has been launched by Bladder and Bowel UK (formerly PromoCon), a national organisation working to improve the lives of children and adults with bladder and bowel problems.

The guidance will help ensure all CYP affected by continence conditions have access to appropriate assessment and treatment pathways and that their potential for toilet training is optimised.

In the UK over 750,000 CYP suffer with bladder and bowel problems on a daily basis, yet access to appropriate care is patchy and inconsistent. This has resulted in an ‘ad hoc’ approach to care and a post code lottery in terms of continence product provision, with some areas providing little more than a ‘free nappy’ service.

This is not only a potential waste of NHS resources, but discriminates children with disabilities as they are not supported to attain continence in the same way as their peers. Of greater concern are the potentially dangerous consequences of underlying serious and treatable co-morbidities being missed.

The document was developed by expert clinicians from the field of childhood continence and extensively reviewed and approved by a number of national organisations including ERIC, the Royal College of Nursing, NHS England the Excellence In Continence Care Programme Board.

It aims to facilitate a consistent and equitable approach to the provision of continence products (such as nappies and pads) to children and young people aged 0-19 by bringing together a consensus of agreement, combining available evidence from the literature and clinical expertise.

Notes to editors

  • For further information, please contact: June Rogers MBE, Bladder and Bowel UK Paediatric Continence Specialist - 0161 607 8219 [email protected]
  • Visit Bladder and Bowel UK’s website at www.bladderandboweluk.co.uk or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Bladder and Bowel UK, a national organisation which is part of the charity Disabled Living, works to improve the lives of both children and adults with bladder and bowel problems.