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Sharron, one of ERIC’s helpline advisors, will be taking part in a live expert chat for ‘The Mix’ on Thursday 23rd February between 6.30pm and 8.00pm. She explains more about the sorts of issues young people may want to ask about: “We know it’s not always easy for teenagers who are experiencing bladder or bowel problems to open up and talk about the issue. This is an opportunity for them to ask any questions they may have in a confidential, ‘safe space.’ It could be anything from how to deal with a soiling accident at school to telling your partner you wet the bed.”

How will the chat work?

The 'Toilet Problems' expert chat is open to anyone aged between 13 and 25 years and contributors can use a different name if they prefer. To register or ask a question in advance, visit The Mix website.

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What is 'The Mix'?

The Mix is the UK’s largest support service for the under 25s providing safe online spaces including live chat rooms. They offer instant chat facilities and specialist help with issues associated with bladder and bowel problems such as bullying, anxiety and stress.

Find our more about ERIC's relationship with The Mix since our new website was launched last month and our message boards for young people were changed.  

Visit our Teens section for more information on bowel and bladder problems. 

You can now read a transcript of our expert chat with The Mix on 23 February 2017.