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Our supporters go to great lengths to raise money and to spread the word about our work. Caring for children with bowel and bladder difficulties can be exasperating, exhausting and time-consuming. Helping children and teenagers to overcome these misunderstood conditions can take weeks, months and sometimes years.

When a mum or dad gets in touch to tell us they want to fundraise for ERIC, they make a conscious decision to turn a painful and frustrating experience into a positive one. Here are some of the inspiring stories of parents who have pushed the limits this year to raise funds for ERIC:

Amy Attrill

Amy is a long-standing ERIC supporter. Her little boy Kane, 6, has suffered with chronic constipation since he was 18 months old and regularly goes to hospital because of his bowel difficulties. Amy took part in the Let's Talk About Poo show with Dr Ranj, and Kane showed Princess Anne how to play the poo game when she visited ERIC in 2016. Amy has run two half-marathons for ERIC this year. She's now getting ready to take part in ERIC's first skydive event in May 2017.

Amy said: "I loved it. My knees are sore but I loved doing it for ERIC. Everyone on the team has been fab and understanding. Kane loves ERIC too. I’m now planning to jump out of a plane. I’ve got the bug now.”

Emma Harckham

Emma’s little girl, Izzy, has struggled with chronic constipation since she was 2. When she turned 4, Izzy was also diagnosed with an enlarged bladder. She's now 7 and still trying to gain control. When Emma decided to get fit, she recruited a personal trainer and lost over 2 stone. She also chose to put her new fitness regime to good use by taking part in her first charity run. Emma's already raised over £200 and will run 5km this weekend at the Great South Run sporting the ERIC vest.

Emma said: "ERIC helps parents like me realise we are not on our own. Their online forum on the ERIC website is a safe place where parents, teenagers and children can talk and support each other. They have also given me the information and support I needed to fight for what Izzy deserves.”

Support Emma by visiting her JustGiving page.

Lydia and Mark Wade

Lydia and Mark first contacted ERIC in September 2016 to let us know Mark was thinking of doing a skydive for us. This will be ERIC's first ever skydive! Four weeks later, they've recruited a team of five family members and friends to jump out of a plane on 18 March 2017! 

Their little boy, Henry, has suffered with bowel problems for many years and often misses school because he is in so much pain. Since first getting in touch, Lydia's been leading the group of fundraisers with an infectious level of enthusiasm. Lydia raised £560 in one week! Her energy never ceases to impress and inspire us.

Lydia said: "When your child is in pain it’s emotionally draining. Fundraising for ERIC feels like something positive is coming out of a bad situation we have no control over. It’s wonderfully uplifting. The ERIC team are all heroes in my eyes, they help so many people on a daily basis. Raising money and spreading the words about the work they do is a way to show how grateful I am.”

Support Lydia and Mark by visiting their JustGiving page.

Juliette and Anna

Working with this amazing group of supporters is infectious. That's why Juliette Randall, ERIC's CEO and Anna Henry, ERIC's Fundraising Officer, have decided they will do something amazing too.

In May 2017, they will also jump out of a plane - a challenge that's already making their stomachs churn! It will be a celebration of ERIC and the amazing supporters who, for over 27 years, have helped ensure ERIC can continue to be there for families who struggle with childhood continence issues.


If you've been inspired to take on your own fundraising challenge, get in touch with our Fundraising Officer, Anna Henry today - [email protected] / t. 0117 301 21 03. We'll support you every step of the way!