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Brenda Cheer, the ERIC Nurse, is leading a pilot project in the Bristol area to improve treatment and support for children with continence problems.

Under the 'ERIC Nurse Early Intervention Project' Brenda has trained 300 school nurses and health visitors and plans on training many other groups including special school nurses, learning disability nurses, children’s centre staff, child minders and GPs.

The training will help ensure professionals have the knowledge and skills to spot the early signs and symptoms of childhood continence problems and know where to signpost families for further support.

This is the first time that a project has coordinated training on childhood continence for such a wide range of professionals – many of whom have never received training in paediatric continence.

It is hoped that the project, which is funded by the Department of Health, leads to improved practice and resourcing for children's bowel and bladder services across the rest of the country.

One health visitor who attended a training session with Brenda said: "I’ve never received any training before on childhood continence problems but it’s been a really useful, helpful session. It’s so important for us to be able to give the right support and information to families and know how to signpost them.”

For more information about the training ERIC runs across the UK, please visit the training section of the website.