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National Lottery community Fund logoUPDATE: Our support group has moved online! Find us on Facebook and request to join the closed group.

Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund, we are delighted to be offering a drop in support group for parents and carers in the Bristol area.

Engaged - ERIC's Parents and Carers Support Group 

Caring for a child or young person with a wee or poo problem can be lonely and stressful. 'Engaged' is for anyone caring for a child or young person under the age of 19 with a bladder or bowel problem. 

Run by our friendly facilitators, Engaged is a place to meet other people, have a coffee, share stories, get help with signposting or just to talk. Parents and carers can: 

  • Find a listening ear and understanding from others
  • Exchange practical information and skills for managing day to day challenges
  • Get signposting information about relevant community services and how to access them and
  • Gain knowledge and confidence to advocate on behalf of their child in nursery, school or with health professionals.

Why is a group like this needed? 


More than 8,000 young people in Bristol have a bowel or bladder problem, a figure which is likely under reported. Research shows that only 1 in 3 families seek help because of the social stigma and lack of knowledge of local services. 

We know families find comfort and practical support from online groups but these cannot replicate face-to-face support and often cannot connect people living in the same local communities.

How can I join? 

For more information and to join, please email our facilitator Sarah on: [email protected] 

How about other areas in the future?  

If successful we will use the findings of this project to build a funding case to deliver this work in more locations across the UK where we know there is already demand from within our community.