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Our small team of expert advisors and volunteers, Sarah, Fiona, Amy, Kate and Eve, have been trained by healthcare professionals to provide up-to-date information and support on a wide range of continence issues.

All information is based on guidelines produced by NICE – the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The Helpline offers advice, information and support, but not medical treatment or care.

Our advisors cannot diagnose or give medical advice. Seek advice from your GP or other healthcare provider as needed. You can also call NHS Direct on 111 (for England and Scotland), or 0845 46 47 (in Wales).

ERIC helpline was amazing, they listened to the problems we had, and within a week my daughters issues were resolved after almost a year of struggling, I spoke to Fiona who seemed to have years of experience, and when she explained everything to me, it made sense. I have recommended ERIC to many people. Katie, December 2021