In response to requests from families, schools and health care professionals, ERIC and Bladder & Bowel UK have teamed up to produce comprehensive, practical information for school leaders, governors, staff and practitioners across the UK regarding bladder and bowel issues and toileting in schools.

Available as a free downloadable resource, Managing Bladder and Bowel Issues in Nurseries, Schools and Colleges provides much needed clear and concise guidance for school leaders, proprietors, governors, staff and practitioners.

Topics covered include:

  • How to promote good bladder and bowel health in schools
  • Hygiene standards / provision of school toilets
  • Managing incontinence in schools
  • National legislation for the four countries of the UK
  • Safeguarding
  • Intimate care policy and care plans  

Downloadable resources: 

Managing Bladder and Bowel Issues in Nurseries, Schools and Colleges - guidance document (PDF 1.2MB) 

Sample intimate care policy for nurseries, schools and colleges 

Sample care plan

School Toilet Charter 

'Managing Continence Issues in Secondary School' film 

ERIC and The University of Bristol have produced a short film to raise awareness among teachers and education staff of the importance of allowing young people unrestricted access to the toilet. Dealing with continence issues can have a huge impact on teenager's well being and academic performance if they're not properly supported.

Watch a short film with teenagers talking about dealing with bowel and bladders problems while they're at school.  

The origins of the film

The film was made with University of Bristol ERSC Funding and produced in collaboration with ERIC, the Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity. The aim of the project was to develop online resources for teachers to improve understanding and awareness of the support needs of young people with continence problems at secondary schools. The University of Bristol worked with secondary school teachers and young people with continence problems to co-produce online materials aimed at teachers.