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Let's Go Potty is dedicated to supporting families and anyone working with young children with every stage of the potty training journey from nappies to pants.

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Did you know?

  • over the last century the average age of children potty training has risen from 18 months to 36 months

    an average child will get through 5,000 disposable nappies before they are toilet trained

    teachers report that more children than ever are starting school in nappies

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Potty training tips

  • Drink plenty

    Make sure your child is having 6-8 water based drinks a day to help keep their bowel and bladder healthy. Read more

What people say

  • “Let’s Go Potty, from ERIC – The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity, provides a trusted, common sense approach to getting children independently using the toilet. There’s no gimmicks, promises of 3 day miracles or expensive manuals. Just solid, evidence-based information which recognises the role of everyone involved.”

    Juliette, CEO at ERIC, The Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity

  • “School readiness is an increasing and worrying problem with many children arriving at school in nappies, not yet toilet trained. This is making huge demands on school nursing and school staff and on the child's health, well-being and educational attainment. Families and all those working in the Early Years sector need to work together to tackle this issue.”  

    Sharon White, Chief Executive of the School and Public Health Nurses Association, OBE.