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A couple of years ago I noticed that when I laughed I felt that I suddenly started to pee and my pants got a bit wet. It was very embarrassing because I was with friends at the time and although I managed to get to the toilet and finish weeing and freshen up, I didn't have any clean pants with me so I had to make an excuse and go home to shower and change.

It got worse - whenever I laughed I would pee myself and the wet patches got worse and would show on my clothes sometimes. No one ever noticed but they did notice that I didn't laugh much anymore and friends asked me if there was something wrong. I didn't know what to say. I was too embarrassed to tell even my close friends or my parents.

Eventually, my parents noticed the change in me and asked me what was wrong. I got very upset and told them what was happening. I thought there was something really wrong with me and so my parents went with me to the doctor's.

The doctor said that he had seen a couple of other teenagers over the years with the same problem and that it was something called 'giggle micturition' or 'giggle incontinence' which meant that my pelvic floor muscles were a bit weak and that as I started to laugh, they weren't quite strong enough to keep my bladder from starting to empty.

He said that if I did some pelvic floor exercises then this would improve things. The nurse showed me how to do these exercises and I try to do them every day. Things are getting much better and I am so relieved that there was nothing seriously wrong with me after all!

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