Isobel* wet the bed until she was seven. Before she turned seven she would wet the bed every night, but now thanks to help from ERIC and the local continence service she only wets occasionally.

When Isobel started worrying about her friends finding out she wet the bed that was when the bedwetting became a real problem for the family. Isobel wore pull ups at night which made her feel different to her friends and she avoided going to sleepovers so her friends wouldn’t discover she was a bedwetter.

Isobel was referred to the local bowel and bladder service but the waiting list was very long so I went to a parents and carers group session for advice. It was great to meet other parents in the same situation. The group gave me tonnes of things try to to tackle the bedwetting before Isobel’s first appointment such as drinking more during the day and cutting out drinks that irritate the bladder.

The other people at the group urged me to call ERIC's helpline and read ERIC’s leaflets and the information on the website. Both ERIC and the bowel and bladder service have been instrumental in helping me understand why Isobel was wetting the bed.

Using the bedwetting alarm was difficult at first and Isobel got upset but it has made such a difference. Isobel has gone from being wet every night to being wet once every two to three weeks in the space of four months.

*Different names and a stock photo have been used to protect identities.

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