Expertly written guides to help with children's bowel and bladder problems. Our resources are based on the latest clinical research and recommendations. 

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Potty training leaflet thumbnailERIC's Guide to Potty Training

ERICs guide to childrens bowel problemsERIC's Guide to Children's Bowel Problems

Daytime wetting leaflet cover

ERIC's Guide to Children's Daytime Bladder Problems

ERICs Guide to Night Time WettingERIC's Guide to Night Time Wetting


Bedwetting alarms - your questions answeredBedwetting Alarms - Your Questions Answered

ERICs Guide for Children with Additional NeedsERIC's Guide for Children with Additional Needs

Thinking about wee and poo now youve reached the age of 2Thinking about wee and poo now you've reached the age of 2

Thinking about wee and poo now youre on your way to school.Thinking about wee and poo now you're on your way to school!

Guide for children living with complex bladder and bowel problems

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