After you've read all about Poo and Wee, find out if you're a bowel and bladder superhero by taking our quiz. You can also find printable Poo and Wee activity sheets and play the Let's Talk About Poo game!

Poo and Wee quiz

Download the Poo and Wee quiz

Activity sheets

Poo and Wee to the rescue!

Download the Poo & Wee word search and glossary
Download the Poo & Wee spot the difference
Download the Super Wee colouring sheet
Download the Super Poo colouring sheet
Download the Super Poo & Wee colouring sheet                                                                                                    Download the bedwetting crossword
Download the snakes and ladders bedwetting game
Download 'How to stop bedwetting with the help of an alarm' (free iBook for iPad/iPhone/Macbook) 

(Special thanks to illustrator and blogger Nicola Winsland for the drawings of Poo & Wee as superheroes!)

Kid's Toilet Talk Comic

Download the Kid's Toilet Talk comic

Download a template to write your own comic strip   

(These resources were provided by the IMPRESS Project at the University of Leeds). 

Let's Talk About Poo game

The aim of the game is to get poo through the bowel and into the loo in the shortest time possible. You'll learn about the different things that help get poo out, like drinking lots of water, eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular exercise.


Play the Let's Talk About Poo! game

Your drawings

Do you like drawing? We'd love to see your poo and wee-themed pictures and will publish them on this page from time to time.

Please post your drawings to Alina Lynden at ERIC's address, or ask a grown-up to take a photo or scan it and email it to [email protected]. Remember to tell us your first name, age and where you live.

Here's a fantastic drawing about coping with wee and poo problems by Euan, aged 5, from Southampton. Great job Euan!

Childs drawing of poo and wee