Tom always had a night time wetting problem. When he was 13 we were desperate to find a solution, but nothing we tried had worked. I found ERIC invaluable in terms of offering emotional support and providing practical tips to help us manage and accept the condition rather than the endless focus on stopping the problem. The charity helped me to deal with a sense of guilt at not being able to help my son.

While there isn’t always a solution to bedwetting, ERIC can help young people and parents deal with the problem and understand that obsessing about it won’t help stop! It’s somewhere to turn to when you’re upset and exhausted, and need to talk to people who really understand.

Knowing how to effectively manage a continence problem on a daily basis can help children and parents feel more in control. In our case, this enabled Tom to take part in normal activities such as school trips and to understand that there are many other young people that experience these issues.

The bedwetting eventually stopped when Tom was about 18 and, although life is going very well for him, I do feel the condition scarred him; the emphasis by doctors on exploring physical reasons which proved not to exist has resulted in him having a negative view of the medical profession as a whole.

On the positive side he is very kind and caring towards people in difficulty and helps out regularly with a local street football team.

I wish I had known about ERIC sooner as having the right information and support earlier would have reduced a lot of the stress we experienced as a family.

I really want to highlight that continence problems cut across society, regardless of children’s backgrounds. Tom was generally seen by doctors and nurses as coming from a privileged background and a lot of our concerns were dismissed because the professions in question thought their work should only with be children with disabilities or from challenging backgrounds.

I give a regular donation to ERIC as the work of the charity is very important but it’s a cause that doesn’t get the same exposure or funding as other health charities. Supporting ERIC is a way to ensure that the right support is there in future for other young people and their families.

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