It’s been very reassuring to know there are other parents going through the same problems as our family. 

Forums are a great way to share your personal experiences with and support others in a similar position.

Forum for parents and carers

Our forum for parents and carers is hosted on HealthUnlocked, the social network for health. HealthUnlocked has over 500 communities worldwide covering a wide range of health issues and can be accessed on any device. 86% of users describe HealthUnlocked as life-changing or useful.

You’ll be asked to register in order to join HealthUnlocked. User profiles are anonymous and it’s easy to share experiences either privately or publicly. Messages posted on HealthUnlocked will not be moderated by ERIC, but we do monitor posts and comment from time to time.

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Please note, using online communities shouldn’t be considered as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice. All discussion content within the forums reflects the views of individual participants only, not ERIC.

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Forum for children and teenagers

‘Ask ERIC’ letters page

Children can share their experiences by sending a message to our ‘Ask ERIC’ letters page. One of our helpline advisors will read the letters and may publish it anonymously along with their reply.

Visit the ‘Ask ERIC’ page


The NSPCC's Childline service runs message boards for children and teenagers aged 11 to 19 (some of its discussion subjects are unsuitable for younger children). One of its topics in the 'Health and Wellbeing' category is about 'Health Worries'.

You can look at the message boards without creating an account but have to register if you want to post. All messages are moderated before being published.

Sign up to access Childline's message boards
Read Childline's message boards house rules and top tips 

You can also chat with a Childline counsellor about anything that is worrying you in a 1-2-1 session - this works like instant messenger.

More about Childline’s 1-2-1 counsellor chat service

The Mix

You can also use the confidential discussion forums on The Mix – a site which provides information and emotional support to 13-25 year-olds and helps them to open up about difficult issues. One of their forum topics is ‘Health & Wellbeing’. The forums are moderated and you have to register to post and receive replies from other members.

Register to use The Mix’s discussion forums

The Mix also runs live chats on Sunday to Thursday evenings from 8pm to 9:30pm:

Find out more about The Mix’s Live Chats
Read The Mix’s chat guidelines
Read the transcript of our expert chat with The Mix on 23 February 2017

Talk to an ERIC helpline advisor

Our expertly trained helpline advisors are also available to provide personal support and information if you need it – find out how to contact the ERIC helpline.

Why did ERIC’s forums change?

When we surveyed users of our old message boards, two of the main drawbacks highlighted were that messages had to be moderated before they appeared on the site and that users couldn't create personal profiles, making it hard to know who you were talking to.

We've transferred our forum to HealthUnlocked to ensure parents and carers can engage with and support each other in the easiest and most effective way possible.

We feel that children and teenagers will be better served by using Childline or The Mix's discussion forums. These sites can also offer instant chat facilities and specialist help with issues associated with bladder and bowel problems such as bullying, anxiety and stress.

You can look at (but no longer comment on) archived conversations on our old message boards until January 2018. If there are any conversations on the boards that you'd like to keep, we recommend you copy and save them to your computer.