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The ERIC Nurse project began in May 2013 and was funded for three years by the Department of Health. The project aimed to increase early intervention into childhood continence problems and to promote excellence in continence care.

Two resources were created to increase parents’ awareness of continence issues and where to go for support: 

Although the ERIC Nurse project has finished, the resources are still available. They can be used during the child’s early years to help identify any problems, to signpost sources of help and information and to promote excellence in continence care.

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Early intervention programme by Health Visiting teams – parents of ALL children to be offered information leaflet Thinking about wee and poo now you’ve reached the age of 2 around second birthday
Opportunity created to highlight any concerns regarding potty training or any bladder or bowel difficulties – staff member to discuss with family and signpost to appropriate support
Constipation identified – follow Flowchart for Constipation
Lack of parental information about potty training identified – provide ERIC’s Guide to Potty Training leaflet and/or signpost to ERIC
Child with developmental delay – provide ERIC’s Guide for Children with Additional Needs leaflet and/or signpost to Bladder and Bowel UK
Health Care Professional to liaise with nursery/Portage/other child care setting as required to ensure continence is promoted appropriately
If ongoing problems identified – follow Flowchart for Children with Additional Needs