Victoria qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1991 on the Isle of Wight and until 1998 worked as a Nanny in and around London. In 1998 she moved back to the Isle of Wight where she had her two children.

In 2001 Victoria started working for the Isle of Wight NHS where she is fully committed to providing quality care to school aged children under the guidelines of the Healthy Child Programme .The 27 years’ experience of working with children from birth to seven years in her career has taken her across the UK and in a diversity of locations and employment that has formulated her knowledge and given her the passion to improve outcomes for children. Victoria's success is in collaborating with students, teachers and parents giving appropriate support and advice regarding health initiatives.

After attending the ERIC conference in 2016 she realised there were little resources available within her team to offer parents. She has since spent time developing ‘poo bags’ to assist children to understand their constipation journey. The future is to develop additional support and resources building on COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION and CONSULTATION and raising parental ASPIRATIONS to find a solution to their constipation journey.