Fiona Boorman

I began my nursing career with two placements at Great Ormond Street Hospital (renal medicine and renal surgery) which sparked a lifelong interest in wee and poo and led to my role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in paediatric bladder and bowel. Before nursing, I worked in special schools both day and residential, developing my interest in explaining bodily functions to those with challenging learning and behavioural needs.

Having spent many years as a trainer at ERIC, teaching other health professionals, in 2020 I started to work on ERIC's Helpline, helping families directly with the continence challenges their children face. It's a gift to be able to steer people through the continence minefield, negotiating the barriers and difficulties that children present. I relish the challenge of thinking about different approaches to the standard, as difficulties arise, such as increasing issues with ‘wee holding’ in addition to poo holding.

I also support ERIC's work as a member of its Professional Advisory Committee (PAC). I hope that my role within the PAC will allow me to flag up the needs of these youngsters, whose voices are often unheard.

When I am not talking about these topics, I can be found knitting bowels (see my Wee and Poo knitting patterns!), making paper mache poo, enjoying many crafts and meddling in the lives of my large family.

I've also produced a series of videos designed to educate school staff about bladder and bowel health: read more and view the videos here.