Fiona BoormanFiona started working with disabled children at 12, when she was a volunteer in a children’s home and later in a Scope Grammar School. This led her to a career in nursing children, initially at Great Ormond Street, London. Fiona explored various other areas of nursing whilst bringing up her own, now grown-up four children, including nursing the elderly.

10 years as a Special School Nurse got her hooked on continence. She realised that too many children were not given the opportunity to achieve this fundamental skill but with the desire, joined-up working and some crazy ideas, she could make it work for most. Fiona went on to undertake both Adult and Paediatric Continence modules.

When she is not working, Fiona still seems to talk poo and wee with anyone who will listen! She also enjoys anything arty crafty (see her wonderful Wee and Poo knitting patterns!) and pottering around gardens, enjoying nature.

Fiona has produced a series of videos designed to educate school staff about bladder and bowel health:

Read more and view the videos here.