Eve Fleming

I'm the Clinical Education Fellow at the University of Warwick Medical School.

I qualified as a doctor in 1965 and, after junior posts in hospital, I became a general practitioner. I later transferred to community child health, dealing with children and teenagers with chronic health problems. My special interest was in adolescent health as I felt the health needs of this group were often neglected.

I went on to run a local bowel and bladder service and soon became known as the 'wee and poo doctor', which I took as a compliment! I also trained other staff and supervised nurses who ran clinics. I now help run toilet training courses for the National Autistic Society.

Bowel and bladder problems have perhaps more impact than almost any other medical condition on children’s self esteem, education and social relationships, and effective treatment can change children’s lives.

I've joined the ERIC Trustee board to share the skills I've developed and to promote information and support for children and families. ERIC is well placed to influence the development of effective and equitable services that are available for all children wherever they live. I'd also like to support ERIC's work in training professionals, and developing audit and research into improving treatment.

Publications and resources by Eve Fleming: