I live in the north of England with my husband and 2 children aged 10 and 8, and my profession is that of a midwife, so I have a keen interest in all things medical. I was first introduced to ERIC by Janet Wootton, who we met in her previous role at York hospital.

My eldest son has had bladder and bowel issues for over 7 years. I was always the parent with the several changes of clothes when we went anywhere. It was only when I potty trained my youngest that I realised my eldest had a problem and shouldn't be having accidents everyday, several times a day. It has been a long uphill struggle, with good days and not so good days, and we are now under the care of the Evelina hospital in London.

I felt really alone when my son was first diagnosed. How would he cope when he started school? Would his new friends call him names? How would he manage a sleepover? It was however a huge surprise to know I was not alone and I discovered how many other children and parents were dealing with similar thoughts and issues.

As a family we have learnt to adapt. Whenever we go anywhere new we always seek out where the nearest toilet is and look for places to stay with washing machines. I try not to shout as I know it is not his fault but there have been times when my frustration has got the better of me. Toilet talk is a common topic of conversation in our house!!

We recently took part in a video for the latest ERIC conference. It was lovely to do something to help promote the ongoing work of the charity and help other parents and children in similar situations.  I have an interest in spreading the word about how many children are living with bowel and bladder problems and the impact this has on their day to day lives, especially within the school setting.