Davina Richardson is a children’s specialist nurse, who has been working at Bladder & Bowel UK, a national charity under the umbrella of Disabled Living, for more than seven years. She has experience nursing children in both the acute and community sectors of the NHS and worked for some years with children who have disabilities and/or complex health needs.

Davina set up and then ran a community children’s continence service in the NHS for over 10 years. This provided assessment and treatment for children with constipation, soiling, as well as day and night time wetting and delayed toilet training. 

She has spoken nationally on continence issues in children and young people at events for families and at conferences and symposia for healthcare professionals.  She has published articles about childhood continence issues in respected journals and is a member of a number of organisations that work to improve provision and services for those with bladder and/or bowel issues.