Clare HatherleyClare qualified as a children’s nurse in 1996. She initially worked in hospitals, firstly in London and then at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

In 2001 Clare moved into school nursing, working in the community to support children and families with a wide range of issues, including bladder and bowel care. This led to her passion for supporting children and young people with continence difficulties.

Since 2013 Clare has worked as a specialist nurse in paediatric bladder and bowel care in Devon. The team provides a county-wide service for children with bladder and/or bowel dysfunction. This involves assessing and treating a range of continence issues from constipation to more complex conditions such as neuropathic bladders and bowels. Clare completed the module 'Care of the child with bladder and/or bowel dysfunction' at Nottingham University in 2015.

When not at work Clare enjoys spending time with her family and friends, swimming and going to the gym.