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Our Helpline team will help you to understand how the bowel works, what can go wrong and what to do about it. An essential first step towards potty training your toddler or toilet training an older child. The session will include recognising constipation, and the importance of treatment, as well as working towards getting the poo in the loo!

We will then explain how the bladder works, reminding you why it is essential to sort the bowels first, and why it is so important to have plenty to drink. It will include how to recognise when the bladder is misbehaving, and what to do about it, plus ways to encourage your child towards the potty or toilet.

Sessions will be led by ERIC Helpline Advisors, Amy Barber, Kate Shelbourne and Sarah Timms

Start: 7pm
Finish: 9pm


 - Welcome and Introduction to ERIC. Opening poll. Setting the scene.
 - How bowels work – how to recognise & manage constipation
 - How bladders work – how to promote a healthy bladder
 - Break
 - Tips for successful potty training / Effective toileting programmes
 - Q&A
 - Closing poll. Evaluation and close.

Online Event

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom webinar. If you are not available to watch this session live, there will be access to the recording for 2 weeks but you will still need to register.

Payment information

The cost of this webinar is £10 per person and we can only accept payment by card. Please note you only need to book one ticket if you are sharing a device.