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On Sunday 4 August at 7.55 am, ERIC's president and lead consultant at the Evelina Children's Hospital, Dr Anne Wright, presented an appeal on BBC Radio 4.

Young man Anne shared Connor's story and how ERIC helped him stop bedwetting. By sharing emails with one of our expert advisors, Connor was able to speak freely about his bedwetting for the first time and got practical support about how to treat his condition.   

Connor says:

It's nerve-wracking the thought that I might be featured in the media, and a lot of people finding out. But at the same time, I suppose it's the only way to start breaking down stigma so I’m excited. I’m very pleased that by sharing my story I might help other young people. 

Listen now to why Anne, lead consultant in charge of the Children’s Bladder Clinic at the Evelina Children’s Hospital is asking you to give what you can do help young people facing bladder and bowel difficulties.   

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