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Here are some tips from other teenagers on how to deal with a bowel or bladder problem at school:

  1. Keep an emergency bag at school with spare underwear, pads, wet wipes/hygiene wipes, plastic bags/nappy sacks for dirty underwear or pads, and spare trousers or a skirt in case you have an accident.

  2. Find out if your school provides access cards or medical cards. These passes allow you to go to the toilet whenever you need to, without having to give an explanation.

  3. Think about telling your teachers about your problem or ask your doctor, nurse, or parent or guardian to contact the school. If your teachers know about your problem, they can do more to support you. Check out our information on talking to teachers.

  4. Make sure you keep well hydrated throughout the day. Not drinking enough can make your problem worse.

  5. Use disabled toilets if your school has them. These have more space so you can change more easily and often have a private sink if you want to wash.

  6. Ask for extra time in exams. It's possible to ask for special support, like toilet breaks, if you have medical problems.

  7. Think of some quick things to say if you're worried about people asking you why you're going to the toilet, like “I have a small bladder” or “I have problems with my stomach”. 

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