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I'm a 12 year old boy who still wets the bed and it is very frustrating for me and my family.

I used to wet the bed every night. I knew I'd wet the bed because I'd wake up in the night and feel damp and cold. When I checked I would be soaked through.

When I was little, I hid my wet bed from my mum and carried on sleeping through, but now that I'm older I tell my parents and strip my bed myself in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's pitch black in the house, so I've gotten a torch and gone to the airing cupboard and taken out new sheets in the dark.

Sometimes the bed is so wet that the quilt is soaking too. This causes an argument between my mum and me because I tell my mum that I didn’t know I had wet the bed in the night, and most of the time I don’t. But my mum reckons I did know and I'm just trying to hide the wet sheets from her. But, in the morning she can always smell the wee in my bedroom – so there's no hiding it.

I went to see the doctor and then a wee nurse at the local clinic. She recommended a bedwetting alarm that I could clip onto my pants at night. It used to go off like a siren in the night. It did work, because as soon as the alarm went off when I was wetting myself I would wake up and try and hold it in whilst I ran to get to the bathroom. But sometimes the wee kept coming out whilst I was running. Once or twice the siren didn’t go off at all because the wee had not touched the metal clip, so I still wet the bed.

The nurse also told me that I should be drinking much more than I was, especially during school time. Unfortunately, during school I would drink more but then I would have to get up and go to the loo during class – so I found that I was going to the toilet more than I was learning. One of my teachers did understand because my mum had written a note to her explaining that I was training my bladder so had to drink plenty and go to the toilet when I needed. But my next teacher didn’t know about it and he wouldn’t let me go to the toilet during class. But I never told him what my problem was because I was worried all the class would hear.

The most nerve wrecking time was when I went to stay the night at a friend's. Every time I went I was really, really, worried. I would go to sleep OK and sometimes my mum would give me a tablet to take which was supposed to stop me making wee. Once I did wee in my sleeping bag at a friend’s house. In the morning I got changed in my sleeping bag and I told my friend to go downstairs so that I could sort it all out. Another time, a friend noticed that my pyjamas were wet, so I said that I'd tipped a drink on me.

In my bedroom I have a bed protection rule! Every time a friend comes round, I tell them that I have one rule - they are not allowed on my bed. I lie and say that my bed is weak and it can only support a certain amount of weight. Really it is because if they went up on my bed they might notice I had a bed protector, an alarm and possibly a smell because I had hidden the wet sheets.

I have recently had to have my mattress thrown away because the bed protector leaked and the mattress was really smelly. So I've slept on the floor for a few weeks on bedrolls whilst waiting for the new bed to arrive. During this time, I wore disposable pyjama pants because sometimes I have rolled off and weed on the carpet!

It is very frustrating that I still wet the bed at my age. Overall, the main thing that I feel is guilt! Because I wet the bed it creates so much washing and having to spend money on alarms, disposable pants and now mattresses, it makes me feel guilty for being a bedwetter.

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Danny's name has been changed to protect his identity.