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Increasing understanding of the needs of young people with continence problems at secondary school

Lead Applicant:  Dr Carol Joinson, Associate Professor (Reader) in Developmental Psychology, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council: Impact Acceleration Account

A common belief among teachers is that continence problems should resolve with age; many are unaware that these problems can persist into adolescence. There is a crucial need for information resources for educational professionals to help them support young people with continence problems at secondary school.

This research produced information resources for teachers and other educational services professionals to educate them about the unique needs of young people with continence problems. The resources included a Policy Briefing published by the University of Bristol’s ‘PolicyBristol’ (https://www.bristol.ac.uk/policybristol/policy-briefings/young-people-continence-schools/) and a film aimed at secondary school teachers and educational support staff (https://youtu.be/QHBIjIsSjPI).

The aim is to disseminate these resources to reach as wide an audience as possible. The team co-produced the resources with teachers to ensure that they are appropriate for, and help to change the practice of, educational professionals.

Policy report

Joinson C, Whale K; Randall J. Young people with continence problems need better support at secondary school. Policy Report 38: October 2018