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A generous supporter shares her story of what it was like to grow up in the 1950s wetting the bed: 

"My childhood was plagued by bedwetting. It was devastating. I wanted to die every time I woke up in a wet bed. At night I would pray for not wetting the bed. The despair I felt, every time my body let me down yet was overwhelming. My mum couldn't cope and called me a 'blessed nuisance'.  I am a deep sleeper, our huge Victorian house back in the fifties was unheated except for one fire in the living, it was freezing.

Girl crying beside bedI didn't wet the bed every night but maybe three or four times a week. I hid my sheets and tried my best to dry the plastic lining before lying down on it. 

I was teased and bullied

I remember my older sister had to rescue me once when a group of girls was taunting me. I smelt. Even my sisters and brothers at times, in the middle of playing, would threaten to tell any visitors with the cruel words, saying my name: "wets the bed!". Those nasty words in a sing-song voice.  I just wanted to curl up and die. 

The anxiety caused deep depression. All those years! I had no voice, I couldn't defend myself. I had no excuse. 

I want to help ERIC support children and teenagers

I decided to tell my story to explain how cruel this situation can be for a child. I hope this will help parents to never blame a child for wetting the bed. 

When I heard about ERIC in the media, I knew I wanted to help with a donation. I wanted to give children affected by bedwetting a voice. I lived through this torment and survived. Knowing there is an organisation that supports families with children like me is fantastic. This is a cruel medical condition that is often misunderstood. Badly managed, it can bring so much pain to children and affect their mental health. I am delighted to be able to support the ERIC."

Support and information about treating bedwetting