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ERICs guide to childrens bowel problems             Sams Story

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Helpful videos

Our animation, Pooper Highway, gives an overview of what constipation is, how to identify it and what steps you need to take to treat and manage the problem.

Children who soil often think they are the only child in the world experiencing this problem. Told from the viewpoint of Sam, this short film gives a child's eye view of how to treat chronic constipation and soiling and will help younger children to understand they are not the only one affected by this common childhood problem.

Watch paediatrician and TV presenter Dr Ranj Singh, who supports ERIC’s Let’s Talk About Poo campaign, discussing children's poo problems and how to manage them on our YouTube channel:

The 'Poo Nurses' from Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust's Childhood Constipation Service created a helpful video about constipation and soiling and how they can be tackled with macrogol laxatives. Watch it here:

If your child has soiling accidents, you might also find the following animated video called 'The Poo in You', helpful. The video explains what causes faecal soiling and how you can treat the problem. 

Help for kids

Our Poo & Wee characters help children to understand how their bodies make wee and poo and what they can do to maintain healthy bladders and bowels.

Our poo game also teaches children how the bowels work in a fun, engaging way and helps you to talk about poo together.

Products for bowel problems

There are lots of products available that can make living with constipation and soiling a lot easier.

ERIC’s shop stocks products such as protective pants and protective bedding, as well as a range of books to help children, parents and professionals understand constipation, soiling and stool withholding.