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Peter gives a regular monthly donation to support ERIC's work. Here he explains how growing up with bedwetting has shaped his life and why he's so pleased to have found a way to support others.

I was so pleased to hear about ERIC and have the chance to give support. The reason is very simple. Many years ago as a boy I suffered from bedwetting. How I would have loved ERIC to exist in those days! There was no organised support and the only path back then was to discuss it with doctor. There was no early breakthrough sadly.

How I would have loved ERIC to exist in those days!

I was the eldest of three boys and the only one to suffer from the problem. I came from a stable family, no particular traumas and no explanation of its cause. In one sense I was fortunate since it affected me only at night. Since this was before the days of washing machines and tumble dryers, it put a big burden on my long-suffering mother. It was years ago now, but the trauma brought on by camping trips is still with me.

Unfortunately it lasted until I was 13 or 14 years of age and even after all this time I so remember the difficulties when, for example, as a member of the Scouts, we went camping. I had many uncomfortable, distressing nights. I tried to avoid staying away overnight telling a few white lies. I was quite relieved that holidays were not an option in my youth. We would have been unable to go in any case.

At the time I had a GP who suggested that I should, before going to bed, visit the toilet several times until I felt there was no more to come. I followed that advice and the problem ceased. Maybe it would have in any case. Who knows? This dreadful inconvenience had disappeared, a major relief to my mother and an enormous relief to me. Interestingly, I believe that having to deal with such a difficulty at a young age, and overcoming it, made me a stronger person thereafter.

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