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Parent looking at forums on laptopOur message boards have changed - find out how and why

Our new website may come as a shock to you (hopefully in a good way!), and you may be surprised that our message boards have gone. We want to explain why this is the case.

Part of the redesign of our new website included investigating how to improve the message boards. We surveyed message boards users who told us the old boards had several drawbacks, not least of all the annoyance of having to wait for posts to be moderated and the inability to create profiles. 

How has the parents board changed?

So that our community of parents, carers and professionals can engage with and support each other in the best way possible we moved our parents message board over to a platform called 'Health Unlocked'

HealthUnlocked is the social network for health and has over 500 communities worldwide covering a wide range of health issues. 

The HealthUnlocked platform provides a much better experience for you than our old message boards. You can create a profile, access the forum on your mobile or tablet, and join other health related communities. 

Join ERIC's community on HealthUnlocked.

How has the kids board changed?

We are no longer able to provide an online platform for kids and teens to talk to each other. We hope that younger children will access ChildLine if they're having difficulties with things like bullying, telling friends about their problem, or talking to their parents. Children can post on ChildLine's message boards, chat with a counsellor or send a letter for one-to-one help.

Visit ChildLine.

How has the teens board changed? 

We hope teenagers use a site called ‘The Mix’, which is the UK’s largest support service for the under 25's providing safe online spaces including live chat rooms.

Visit The Mix.

Children and teenagers who used to use ERIC's message boards will be better catered for by these other charities which can offer instant chat facilities and specialist help with issues associated with bladder and bowel problems such as bullying, anxiety and stress.

Archived messages

All old messages on the message boards have been archived and can be accessed for one year until January 2018. If there are any conversations you would like to save, we recommend you visit the archived boards and copy and paste the conversations into a Word document. 

We hope you understand the need to make these changes and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.