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The experience James Hatton gained volunteering with ERIC’s Fundraising Team helped him find work as a fundraiser for a local hospice: a dream he’d had since finishing university.

James with Anna and Bethan from the fundraising team

James’ time volunteering with ERIC helped him get a job as a Fundraising Assistant

I’ve been working towards a career in fundraising since leaving university. The competitive nature of the jobs market made me eager to gain as much experience as I can.

ERIC’s cause captivated me – here was a charity working to address problems that many people don’t like to think about – making fundraising all the more challenging – but nevertheless problems which can have devastating impacts on the lives of the children and families affected.

The experience I gained was invaluable.

I began volunteering with ERIC in August 2015 and left in June 2016. Anna and Bethan in the fundraising team, and Juliette the CEO, were incredibly welcoming and friendly, and were happy to answer my questions. My work included researching new donors and writing funding applications.

The experience I gained was invaluable. Contributions and suggestions I made were given equal consideration to those of other staff members – ERIC treats its volunteers as part of the team, rather than resources to be expended.

The inspiring work energised me to become a monthly donor

I recently got a job with St Margaret’s Hospice in Somerset as the charity’s Trust and Major Donor Assistant. I’m convinced that the experience I gained at ERIC working in trust fundraising for a health charity played no small part in securing this role.

I would like to say thanks to everyone at ERIC for the great time I had here. The inspiring work energised me to become a monthly donor to the charity, and I would urge anyone to do the same.

You might not think children’s bowel and bladder problems are something which affects your life, but with one in 12 children suffering with the issue, it is sure to have impacted someone you know.

So, please support this fantastic small charity by making a donation today.