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Fiona Boorman, a paediatric continence nurse specialist with Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust and her colleague Claire Lindsey, who are both ERIC trainers, teamed up with Virgin Care’s public health nursing team to create a series of videos about children’s bladder and bowel care. Fiona tells us how she hopes to increase knowledge of children’s continence among staff at local schools and pre-schools.

Fiona Boorman
Fiona helps people talk about embarrassing things

I am so grateful to public health nurses Juliet Phillips and Karen Tucker for their vision in applying for funding from the Virgin Care Innovation Fund and for organising this extremely worthwhile awareness raising project.

I am happy to be involved with anything that encourages children and families to talk about poo and wee problems, but even more importantly when it can help workers in schools, nurseries, children’s centres and every other setting to proactively solve children’s wetting and soiling problems – no more cries of “he’ll grow out of it” or “it’ll get better on its own.”

Everyone who works with children and young people must act to find the right help and support for bladder and bowel issues, otherwise families stop telling people what they’re going through and the problems become entrenched. This can damage a child’s confidence and family’s wellbeing.

There is little excuse for ignoring the problems. Charities like ERIC, whose website and helpline are an excellent resource, point towards help, support and further information. Public health nurses and GPs can give advice.

Anything that makes people talk about ‘embarrassing things’ is great in my opinion! Talk about it and you are on the first step to solving it.

Watch the videos below:

Video 1: The importance of fluid intake for children and young people

Video 2: Bladder control and potential problems

Video 3: Bowel control and potential problems