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With almost 30 years’ experience of selling enuresis alarms to private customers and the NHS, the ERIC team have built up a huge amount of product knowledge. Alongside our bladder and bowel helpline, we also offer support to families not just when they buy, but as they work with an alarm.

Bedtime wee

How do bedwetting alarms work?

Alarms offer a cure for bedwetting rather than just management as they train the brain to listen out for the full bladder signal – this is known as ‘conditioned learning’. All children and young people should have their bladder and bowel assessed by a doctor or nurse at a bedwetting clinic to check their suitability and readiness for an alarm. 

Why ERIC stands out from other retailers?

With the ever-growing popularity and ease of internet shopping, there are lots of online retailers selling bedwetting alarms. However, there can be many factors to consider before making an alarm purchase and support needed to increase the likelihood of a child working well with their alarm.

Why buying from ERIC can make all the difference:

  • All our alarms come with a free resource: ERIC's Guide to Night Time Wetting.
  • We provide for our customers a telephone customer service and trouble-shooting service - freeing up your time to focus on clinical interventions. 
  • You can access the ERIC bowel and bladder helpline providing universal information and support on bedwetting, constipation, soiling, daytime wetting and toilet training. 

Range of alarms ERIC sells a wide variety of different alarms 

Choice and variety 

We stock a wide variety of different alarms and can help you choose which will suit your child best. For those who feel uncomfortable wearing a body worn alarm, there is the option of wireless and bedside alarms. The bedside alarm is a plastic mat that lies on the bed and the alarm box goes onto a bedside cabinet. The wireless alarm has a sensor which is placed into the child's pants with the receiver again on a bedside cabinet.
All our alarms come with a manufacturer’s guarantee (except replaceable sensors/mats).

Alarm success stories

“My mother recommended ERIC to me. She had found the charity invaluable about twenty years ago, when my sister had an enuresis problem that I hadn't been aware of at the time. It's wonderful that you've helped two generations of our family.” (Feedback from parent)

Dri Sleeper Excel body-worn bedwetting alarm
“My son is 11 and half and has wet the bed every night since the day he was born. We have tried everything everyone has ever told us and seen many specialist and had various test done. All proved there was nothing wrong!

We did try medication for a while but these only reduced the wee and didn't stop it...This is when I decided to give the alarm another go. We did try it when he was about six years old, but to be honest he wasn't interested and I wasn’t very consistent.

This time we both moved into the spare room and we were ready. It didn't happen straight away but every so often we had a night with no wee it took about 5 weeks and we are now one week no alarm and still dry!! My son starts senior school in September and this will seriously change his life. We are so happy.” (Feedback from parent)

Supporting our work

As a charity, we receive no financial support from the Government to run our vital services. Income from our shop sales go straight back into our work so that we can help more children and families. Read our blog Why buy from ERIC to find out more.

Further help and information

If you have any questions about our products, please call our Sales Co-ordinator who will be happy to help on tel: 0117 301 2100, Monday and Tuesday 8am-4:30pm, Wednesday and Thursday 8am-4pm or email: [email protected]