Let's Go Potty

Let's Go Potty is dedicated to supporting families and anyone working with young children with every stage of the potty training journey from nappies to pants.

Get your child involved with their nappy changes. Change them standing up, get them to help with their clothing and when you're finished wash your hands together.

Tell their child if their nappy is wet or dry when you change them. Talk to them about the wee and/or poo it contains.

Let your child see you going the toilet. Children learn by watching what we do and copying them.

Read some picture books together - there are lots available to buy or borrow from your local library.

Talk to your Health Visitor and/or staff at your local Children's Centre (if there is one). They will be able to give you advice about potty training and may be able to signpost you to local parenting groups and resources.

Get your child motivated: plan a reward system like a sticker chart. Catch their interest by rewarding simple things like getting themselves dressed and washing their hands.