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Let's Go Potty is dedicated to supporting families and anyone working with young children with every stage of the potty training journey from nappies to pants.

The founder of 'Pottiagogo', an 'on the go' potty training solution, shares her experience of toilet training with her daughter.

I remember my daughter had turned 2 years old and it was getting closer to her second Christmas. I was busy working and studying and as a family we were always travelling around with multiple bags and backpacks stuffed full of things that you think you need. Just getting out of the door took 30 minutes as a norm! 

Found of PottiagogoIt was around this time my daughter started having signs she was ready to start potty training. She was pulling at her nappy and hiding behind chairs to go to the loo and she was increasingly aware of when she needed to go to the toilet.

I was very worried about this developmental stage as I didn’t want to fail my daughter but at the same time, I was not looking forward to carrying around a potty as well.

I researched about potty training and what to expect and how to deal with it. I found to my horror that there is very little information available. There are however lots of myths about what should be done and when, such as ‘wait until its warmer’ to avoid ‘unwanted accidents.’ Also, very little practical advice as to what to take with you in terms of kit or how to prepare your child mentally and physically for the potty. I personally didn’t like the idea of pull ups and yet more landfill – that just felt like delaying the inevitable and I knew my daughter was ready.

I read loads of stories where Mums had stayed at home for 6 months to avoid the problems of going out during the potty-training period! That wasn’t an option for me, nor did I want it to be. So, we needed to get a potty to give us an ‘on the go’ solution. Something that I could have within grabbing distance at home, in the buggy or in my bag or the car. It became clear really quickly that I was going to be lucky if my daughter would give me anything more than a 10 second warning in the early days!

We tried seven different types of potty, including ‘travel potties’, and they were all either too big and awkward to carry, heavy or really difficult to open and set up as a toilet seat. There was also no way my daughter would carry her own potty either.

Blue travel pottyThe idea for pottiagogo came to me when we had an emergency toilet stop at the side of a busy road – the A12 in fact. Imagine the scene, with cars rushing past, my daughter crying as her travel potty collapsed underneath her mid poop. It was right then I realised there was a need to design something that was easier to carry, quicker to set up and more reliable to use and importantly, something which could beat the 10 second warning even in extremely stressful circumstances!

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