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ERIC’s Chief Executive, Juliette Rayner shares what she's learned in her first three months with the charity. 

Juliette Randall
Juliette Rayner, Chief Executive at ERIC

I’ve come to realise that leading a small charity like ERIC is not a million miles away from my previous role as Chief Executive of a heritage site in Bristol. Although on the face of it the two organisations are quite different, many of the daily challenges are the same – exploring ways to diversify funding, raising awareness, emphasising the uniqueness of our cause, and demonstrating our impact.

The similarity that stands out the most is the passion and goodwill from volunteers, staff, trustees and supporters. How could charities survive without it?

Unexpectedly this has just been reinforced. I recently met with a consultant to discuss an IT project which will take him two weeks to finish. I was taken aback when he said he wasn’t going to charge ERIC. This was his contribution to the charity; in his words, he was "giving his 1%".

To us though, his gift of time equates to so much more than 1%.

The systems he develops are estimated to save 20% of one team member’s time every week. Not to mention the indirect benefits from having more efficient systems in place. I left the meeting on cloud nine!

All of the staff at ERIC know how critical our support and information is to the children and families who use our services every day. Yet, on a bad day when challenges feel overwhelming it can be easy to feel we are swimming against the tide.

To those who choose to give us their one percent and in many cases much more, thank you for keeping us swimming in the right direction!

People help ERIC in many ways, from fundraising, to volunteering, to becoming a trustee. If you'd like to know more about the various ways you can contribute to ERIC’s work, head to the Get Involved section of our website