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ERIC trainer and school nurse Fiona Boorman shares her knitting patterns for wee and poo characters.


After ten years as a Special School Nurse it’s fair to say I’m hooked on all things continence. That may sound like an odd thing to say, but I’m certainly proud to say it.

Knitted weeToo many children don’t get the opportunity to learn to go to the toilet on their own and too many people think children with disabilities are beyond learning. But with joined up working and the occasional crazy idea, I’ve found that most children can achieve continence.

My latest crazy idea weds my passion for wee and poo with my love of crafting – I’ve created patterns for knitted wee and poo characters.

I was inspired to design the patterns by the toilet roll covers of the 1970s, often made of crochet and incorporating half a Barbie doll. I plan on using mine to cover a spare toilet roll, but they could also just be a soft toy to play with whilst on the loo.

If the knitted wees and poos get people talking more about the behaviour of their bladders and bowels – something we all share but which can make life very difficult for some people – then the knitted characters will have done their job.

If you’re a knitter and there’s someone in your life who could benefit from their own wee or poo toy, then download my knitting patterns.

A note on knitting

The patterns might not be the easiest for novice knitters, but those with a bit more experience will get a lot of enjoyment out of crafting them.Knitted poo

I used thick wool so that the characters grew quickly, but you could use yarn in any thickness if you are able to scale up the pattern.

I chose traditional colours for the wool, but there’s no stopping you going for something a bit more vibrant or even multi-coloured.

Click this link to download the wee and poo knitting patterns.

Share your wee and poo creations

I would love to see how your knitted wees and poos turn out, so please share your photos on ERIC’s Facebook page or send them to [email protected]