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Angela Scull is a Public Health Nurse and School Nurse Lead for bedwetting in Shropshire. In this blog for ERIC, Angela explains what World Bedwetting Day hopes to achieve and shares her top tips for health care professionals keen to promote the day. 

World Bedwetting Day, will take place for the fifth year running on Tuesday 28 May. Despite night time wetting being a common childhood condition affecting half a million children in the UK, it's something which many families sadly still struggle to talk about and ask for help. This year's theme is ‘Time to Take Action’ in recognition that help is out there and it's something which can be treated.

Here are my top tips for promoting World Bedwetting Day: 

Visit ERIC's World Bedwetting day page 

Download free resources including colouring sheets and posters which you can use to...

World Bedwetting Day 2018

Set up a World Bedwetting Day stand

Ask your your local supermarket or pharmacy if you can set up a display and get chatting to your local community about bedwetting and all things wee and poo related! My team and I have been to Tescos for the last three years now and the staff there have been so accommodating and helpful. It's great to get out of the office for a few hours and do something completely different. 

  • Try to make your stand as eye catching, fun and engaging as possible
  • Balloons are a fantastic way to explain how the bladder fills
  • Have some water jugs ready and find out if people know how much children water based fluid children should be drinking.
  • Hang ERIC's leaflets along with top tips for busting bedwetting pasted onto cut out pant shapes from a washing line!   

To request free hard copies of resources, contact Alina: [email protected] 3pm on Thursday 24 May at the latest.

World bedwetting day promotion   World bedwetting day promotion

Share ERIC's new Bedwetting Detective animation

Coming very soon to www.eric.org.uk/bedwetting, this short film explains the 'clues' that families can look for to try and work out why their child might be wet at night. Use the hashtag #bedwettingdetective on social media and help to spread the word and raise awareness. 

Become a bedwetting detective

Use NHS communication channels

Last year, one of the team sent out a press release via NHS communications and suggested every trust computer to have a screen announcement promoting the day. Not only did this idea get taken up but the announcement stayed on our trust wide screens for a week!   

World bedwetting day promotion

Have fun talking about wee and poo! 

I can highly recommend getting out into your local community to talk about bedwetting and all the other health services you can provide. In 2017 and 2018, my team spoke to over 150 people in Tesco stores promoting World Bedwetting and the School Nursing Service. Topics included constipation, soiling, day and night time wetting, potty training and asthma and anaphylaxis. We took eight referrals into the service and promoted healthy eating and drinking, discussed toilet training with parents of young children and signposted older people to adult continence services. It’s a great way to promote all services. 

Visit ERIC's World Bedwetting day page