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Range of alarms

With over 30 years’ experience of selling bedwetting or enuresis alarms, the ERIC team have built up a huge amount of product knowledge. Here are just five of the reasons why it makes sense to buy an alarm from ERIC's online shop.  

1. Experience

We have been selling alarms for nearly 30 years. We have developed relationships with manufacturers and only sell alarms that are proven for quality and reliability. We are a trusted supplier to many NHS Trusts.

2. Choice

We offer a range of models to suit all children and budgets and stock alarms from leading and reputable manufacturers such as Malem, Astric and Dri-Sleeper. From clip on and body worn to wireless and bedside models. Our alarms with simple sound and vibration features start from £51 and range up to £147 for wireless alarms with multi-feature sound and vibrate options.

3. Product advice

Buying an alarm is a big commitment both financially and for your child. We want to make sure that an alarm is the right bedwetting treatment option and that you get the model that best suits your child’s preferences. Our Helpline advisors are here to talk you through the practicalities of starting alarm treatment and if it is the right approach for your child. Our sales advisor Jayne is on hand to talk to you over the phone about which model is best for your child and can also advise about any other complementary products such as mattress protectors and pads.

4. After sales support

We want you to get the best from your alarm. If you have any post-sales queries about alarm set-up, instructions on how to use or in the unlikely event of any faults, you can pick up the phone and talk to us to trouble-shoot your issue. Our sales support line is open 4 days a week and is open from 9 – 4. Jayne is here to help!

5. We are not Amazon!

We are a charity and any profit we make from the alarms we sell goes back into funding our information and support services. We strive to sell our alarms at the most competitive price to give the best value to our customers. But we recognise that sometimes we cannot price-match some of the larger online retailers such as Amazon. We just can’t do it! But what we can be certain of is that we are offering the best all round service and sales support, so you can buy with confidence and you know that you are also helping to keep ERIC’s services available to more families like yours.

Download Bedwetting alarms - your questions answered.