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Anna Henry

On Saturday 6 May Anna Henry, ERIC's Individual Fundraiser, will be taking part in a skydive to help raise funds to support children and teenagers with a bowel or bladder problem. In this blog she explains how she feels about jumping out of a plane and what's keeping her motivated to face her fears.  

Why throw myself out of a plane for ERIC?

Skydiving was never on my bucket list, it's never been something I was desperate to do and, to be honest, I've never given it a passing thought... That was until last November when Amy, a loyal supporter of ERIC, told me her next challenge would be a skydive. She was on the finishing line of her second half-marathon to raise much needed funds to help other families affected by childhood bladder and bowel issues and she was buzzing because of her fantastic achievement. Amy's joy was palpable, so much so that I said I'd do it with her.

ERIC fundraiser Amy AttrillAmy on the finish line of the Great South Run

Rising to the challenge  

At work, I talk to ordinary people who do extraordinary things all the time. I’m always looking for the next person to fundraise for us, always encouraging the ones who've pledged to take part in an event to raise more funds. It’s now time for me to step up to the plate and take the plunge! I honestly want to feel the way people who take part in fundraising events feel. 

I talk to ordinary people who do extraordinary things all the time

Fast forward a few months and the time has now come to face my fears: throwing myself out of a plane at 10,000 feet and asking everyone I know to sponsor me. Fundraising is the power of strangers to help others, it's amazing. 

Baby with parachute

What motivates me  

Children and teenagers with bowel or bladder problems often face a huge prejudice. Too many people seem to think that a child wets or soils through some fault of their own. Families tend to suffer in silence, ashamed and embarrassed. You never hear kids with asthma being accused of being lazy. Part of asking people for donations is that we're educating people in the process. 

Families tend to suffer in silence, ashamed and embarrassed.

Is it too late to take part? 

No, absolutely not! There's still plenty of time to register for the event and to raise enough money to get a free jump (you need to raise a minimum of £400). Now is the perfect time, personally I find it easier to ask for the support of my friends and family now the jump is just around the corner because I am honestly scared. Knowing I will put my life in the hands of a complete stranger and face my fear of heights to support children and teenagers does make asking for donations easier. And one thing is certain: every penny you raise will make a difference.

Support Anna here.

To join ERIC’s team of skydivers give Anna a call on 0117 301 21 03 or email: [email protected] 

Visit ERIC's page on the 'Go Skydive' website for more information about the unique tandem skydive experience and to register for the event.