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Go Better Logo The makers of the Go Better Toddler Potty Training Seat explain how this great product encourages children to get into healthy toileting habits and avoids becoming constipated.

Practising healthy toilet habits is essential no matter your age. But for your little one, it can be a bit harder to get them into the routine of toileting correctly. Learning and maintaining good toilet techniques from childhood into adulthood is vital. Up to 30% of children are affected by constipation and up to 84% of constipated children suffer from faecal incontinence.

Why using a potty is great for kids

When you toilet train your child, they are sat on a floor-level potty that sees their feet firmly placed on the ground, their knees up in a squat position, and their bottoms comfortably seated on a perfectly sized rim. This squatting position is perfect for healthy and complete bowel movements. As they grow older and have to move up to the big toilet, their whole position changes and the security of the potty is lost.

A grown-up toilet with a large hole can be intimidating for a small child.

A grown-up toilet with a large hole can be intimidating for a small child. Introducing them too soon can scare them further and set them back on the journey to become fully toilet trained. Plus, incorrect positioning can lead to continence issues and it may feel like you’re starting all over again!

How to improve toileting habits for your children

Expert pelvic floor Physiotherapist, Fiona Rogers, says, “Continence professionals see many children as patients which can be avoided with encouraging correct toilet posture from an early age.” When using an adult toilet, kids’ legs tend to dangle, and the rim is far too big for them to sit and relax comfortably. This promotes incorrect bowel movements and you may even find your child struggles to go.

But fear not, there are tools available to help your child to go better!

Go Better Potty Training SeatToddler toilet stools, such as the Go Better™ Toddler Potty Training Seat with Step Ladder, are ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, posture and security for your little one to do their business and avoid constipation.

The Go Better™ Toddler Potty Training Seat with Step Ladder doesn’t just look fun and exciting for inquisitive little ones, its design is of the highest quality to ensure your child’s complete safety when using.

Its safety features include:

  • Firm grippers on each foot stand to ensure the ladder will not slip or move as your child begins their ascent
  • Handles on either side for your child to hold on to
  • Rubber grips on the base of the toilet seat to ensure no slippage between the adult toilet seat and the toddler toilet seat
  • A cushioned rim for total comfort and a much warmer feel on the bottom than a hard and cold plastic seat
    Height adjustable step which makes this stool suitable for children from 2 years all the way to 5
    Lightweight and foldable design for safe storage when you are not present 

Go Better Potty Training Seat

Should Children Be Potty Trained Before Starting School?

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) and ERIC, The Children’s Bowel & Bladder Charity found that 70% of children start school without being toilet trained. 100% of staff working with children aged three to five attributed the blame to a lack of proper toilet training at home and reliance on pull-ups.

Pull-ups may seem like a great idea whilst potty training but be careful not to rely too heavily on them, as children may miss the link between being wet and using the toilet.
Instead, make toilet training easy and fun with a Go Better™ Toddler Training Seat!

Buy the Go Better Toddler Potty Training Seat 

ERIC are delighted to have teamed up with Go Better, the makers of the Go Better Toddler Potty Training Seat. By hosting a link through to their site, ERIC receives a small fee. Money raised this way is invested back into delivering our charitable services.