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The Bladder and Bowel Community have ditched the plastic. The Original Blue Card Has Now Gone Green! Introducing the NEW Digital Just Can’t Wait card.Bladder and Bowel community logo

On the 1st March 2021, the Bladder and Bowel Community successfully launched the first ever toilet card using Smartphone Wallet Technology - the NEW and free Digital Just Can’t Wait card. In just a few weeks, we have helped over 5,000 people, who have downloaded the card to their Smartphones.

The Just Can’t Wait card has provided a ‘lifeline’ to over 135K sufferers, to date.

Digital just cant wait cardAround 14 million people in the UK live with a bladder condition and over 6.4 million live with a bowel condition

The Just Can’t Wait card provides security and freedom to those with a bladder or bowel condition, who may need access to a toilet at short notice. Over 135,000 Just Can’t Wait cards have been issued in the UK

The NEW Digital Just Can’t Wait card is an instant, plastic-free toilet card that conveniently sits in your Apple or GPay wallet

Our pledge to be more environmentally responsible

Our year in a pandemic has shown us just how fragile our planet is so we wanted to take the step to do our bit to be more environmentally responsible. As an organisation, we have always been conscious of our impact and in recent years, we have moved all our information and communication online, reducing our paper waste but this year, we decided to assess our plastic waste.

Did you know..?

...that by switching to digital B&BC will be reducing their plastic waste by 0.3 tonnes a year - that’s the same weight as an adult grizzly bear! This reduces their carbon footprint by 20.64 tonnes of CO₂e.

Brown bear lying on log This is a significant amount of plastic waste saved which is why the Just Can’t Wait card went fully digital. The card will still be free and available to all those with a bladder and bowel condition but will become a downloadable card that sits in your Apple or Android wallet on your smartphone. Plastic cards tend to get touched by others, when shown and can easily be lost or misplaced. This will also make the new card more practical and hygenic.

Download the NEW Digital Just Card wait card now 

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