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If you need to clear out your child's bowel with a laxative treatment, a process known as disimpaction, read these 10 pieces of advice from our Facebook followers who've gone through the clear-out process before.

Toilet roll

The bowel clear-out process is called 'disimpaction'

1. Have a stash of story books, bubbles, and toys in the bathroom to keep your little one occupied during those long bathroom stints.

2. Keep a comfy cushion in the bathroom for mum or dad to sit on – you may be there for some time!

3. Be prepared by making sure you have everything in the house that you might need, such as a stock of baby wipes and pads. 

4. You will spend a lot of time confined to the house so try to create as many indoor distractions as possible.

5. Use disposable changing mats to prevent damage to carpets or flooring.

6. Try to make the process as pain-free as possible by changing pull-ups/pads as soon as your little one has a bowel movement and using soothing cream like Sudocrem.

7. Give them lots of cuddles and rewards for effort, such as drinking each cup of Movicol. Chocolate buttons are great, or use stickers if you want to avoid sweet treats.

8. It can be tough on siblings, so make special time for them so they don’t feel left out.

9. Have lots and lots and lots of patience.

10. Stay calm and take some time out to relax, or as one mum said “Wine, chocolate, then more wine!”

Further information:

Read 'A Parent's Guide to Disimpaction' for detailed information about following the laxative treatment to successfully unblock your child's bowel.

Head to our bowel problems pages for more information about children’s constipation.

If you’ve got questions about anything related to child or adolescent poo problems, call the ERIC helpline free on 0808 169 9949 (Monday – Thursday 10am – 2pm)

Do you have other clear-out advice for our blog readers? Let us know by commenting below.