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Discover the reasons why night time wetting happens (1m 48s):

A Facebook Live Q&A (30 mins) recorded in May 2021 with Davina (Bladder and Bowel UK) and Alina (ERIC) taking questions and talking about some of the most commonly faced issues when caring for a child who wets the bed. Including:
  • Is heavy sleeping a reason for my child's bedwetting?
  • what can we do if bedwetting alarms and medication have not worked?
  • when should we stop using pull-ups at night? 
  • Is there a link between bedwetting and my child's constipation? 
  • Is there a link between bedwetting and what my child drinks and eats?

Find out why good daytime drinking is an important part of tackling bedwetting

Find out why bedwetting can and should be treated from age 5

Brenda talks to Radio 4's Woman's Hour about bedwetting: 

Leaflets, information sheets and downloadable charts

ERICs Guide to Night Time Wetting        Bedwetting alarms - your questions answered

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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines 

Bedwetting in under 19s -
Guidance on the assessment, care and treatment of children and young people up to the age of 19 with bedwetting.