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ERICs Summer Appeal for help to answer all calls to their helplineMy name is Juliette Rayner, I am the CEO of ERIC and I urgently need your help. The demand for our services has reached a level never seen before. 

Our services are critical right now. We all know that the NHS is under huge strain. This has impacted the availability of children’s bladder and bowel services. I can’t foresee a time when access to NHS services will significantly improve in the near future. 

There is no other charity like ERIC helping children and teenagers overcome embarrassing continence issues or learn how to manage them so they can flourish, achieve their dreams and live life to the full. 

“My 8 year old daughter suffers with daytime wetting and soiling problems. She says she’s stupid and hits herself in the legs when she wets or soils herself. It's heartbreaking, I feel like I've failed her. It’s having a huge impact on our family life. 

Adult and child holding hands

From worrying about other people’s reactions to the need for extra clothes, trying to find protective clothing, the extra washing, her skin getting sore. Trips into town, playdates and parties, even holidays, make us so anxious, we tend to stay home. Finding ERIC has transformed our lives, we are no longer alone. We have learnt so much and we have a plan. Things are looking up… I have hope, we all have hope now." Caitlyn and Claire

A gift from you is much more than an act of kindness. It can transform the lives of children and their families. Thank you.