Many families who call ERIC's helpline or visit the website are at breaking point or struggling to cope. ERIC relies on the generosity of people like you to deliver expert advice, support and information to families affected by childhood bowel and bladder problems.

Ben's story

Ben suffered from daytime wetting and soiling accidents in the day and bedwetting most nights until he was 16. In primary school he stayed away from other children, worried they would smell him. He was bullied for years.

Ben's mum Michelle explains how the effects of having bowel and bladder issues followed her son into adulthood.

Ben never learnt to socialise during those important formative years. He doesn't know how to start a conversation and make friends. Today Ben is 22. He still finds talking to people difficult and interviews are his worst nightmare. How can you get a job if you can't speak in an interview?

Families often suffer in silence, hoping their children will grow out of it. Many never do. Left untreated, bowel and bladder problems can cause serious health complications and many young people carry the physical and emotional effects into adulthood.

The power of your support

But it doesn't have to be that way. You can stop a child struggling in silence by making sure their family can talk to an expert on the helpline or access information on the website by donating to ERIC's Christmas Appeal. 

For young people like Ben, the impact of having a wetting or soiling issue can be devastating. When things are building up, talking to a friendly advisor can make all the difference. 

When a parent or a carer feels lost and unable to help their child, ERIC's advisors can talk them through their options and help them decide on their next step. There are almost a million children and teenagers like Ben in the UK.

Yet, ERIC receives no funding from the government. It's only because of you and others like you that ERIC is able to reach an increasing number of families.

We are confident that, with you by our side, we will answer every call for help we receive. Please rest assured that a donation from you today will help stop the heartbreak that childhood bowel and bladder conditions cause families all over the country.